Based on true events, true stories and real heroines, Female Agents is a powerful rendition of the challenges that faced female World War II Resistance fighters, who were constantly in the shadow of men and accorded little importance for the roles they played in a violent and horrific war.

A member of the French Resistance, Louise (Sophie Marceau) flees to London after her husband’s summary execution. She is recruited by the Special Operations Executive (SOE), an intelligent and sabotage service overseen by Churchill himself.

She is immediately assigned to an urgent mission: the rescue of a British agent who has fallen into German hands while preparing for D-Day on the Normandy beaches. The man hasn’t talked yet, but there is no time to lose. Louise must first put together an all-female commando unit.

She will stop at nothing to get exactly the right women for the mission’s special requirements, even if it means lying, blackmailing or securing pardons for serving prisoners.

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Genre: Drama

Director: Jean-Paul Salomé 

Run Time: 116 minutes

Language: French

Alternate Title: Les Femmes de l'Ombre

Censor: MA15+ Strong violence and themes

Sophie Marceau

Julie Depardieu

Marie Gillain



A war thriller in classic style, with superb central performances which help Female Agents rise above the awful title and keep you hooked from start to gripping finish.
— Empire Magazine