Five-time Spanish Academy Award winning director Fernando León de Aranoa's (Mondays in the Sun 2002) lavish and fascinating Loving Pablo, the rise and fall of the notorious drug lord is told from the unique viewpoint of the woman who knew him most intimately. Adapted from Virginia Vallejo’s best-selling memoir Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar, Javier Bardem stars as Pablo Escobar and Penélope Cruz as his long-time lover Vallejo, in this deconstruction of the drug lord’s enigmatic persona.

When popular journalist and presenter Virginia (Cruz) first meets Pablo (Bardem) she's enchanted by his charisma, charity work, and the lavish gifts she receives. Over time, her infatuation is replaced by a terrifying awareness. When Pablo declares war against the Colombian government, initiating a period of unprecedented violence, Virginia's career is ruined and she begins to receive death threats. Her only hope is to collaborate with the Americans in dogged pursuit of Escobar.

Loving Pablo explores the political climate and corrupt society that allowed Escobar's ascent. Bardem and Cruz, in their Spanish Academy Award nominated performances, are outstanding – capturing in all its complexity the couple's volatile relationship.

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Genre: Drama
Director: Fernando León de Aranoa
Run Time: 123 minutes
Language: English

Penélope Cruz Bardem
Javier Bardem

Peter Sarsgaard
David Valencia


Glowering and seductive, Bardem’s Escobar is an outsize character who attracts with his charisma and repulses with his calculating, unblinking eyes.

— The Hollywood Reporter