Meet Mahmud Nasir, London taxi driver, loving husband, doting father and something of a “relaxed” Muslim. Does the “F” word occasionally pass his lips? It’s hardly worth mentioning. Does he say his prayers five times a day? Of course! Well, usually… Does he fast every day of Ramadan? Who’s counting anyway? He may not be the most observant, but in his heart he is as Muslim as it gets. But after his mother’s death a discovery turns Mahmud’s world upside down. He finds his birth certificate which reveals that not only was he adopted at birth…but he’s Jewish, and his real name is Solly Shimshillewitz! As Mahmud tumbles headlong into a full scale identity crisis, the only person he can turn to is Lenny, a drunken Jewish cabbie who agrees to give him lessons in Jewishness, which start with how to dance like Topol. Oy vey.

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Genre: Comedy

Director: Josh Appignanesi, David Baddiel

Run Time: 105 minutes

Language: English

Censor: MA15+ Strong coarse language

Omid Djalili

Archie Panjabi

Richard Schiffn



Hilarious and heart-warming.
— Jonathan Ross